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Despite explosion in martech companies, it is surprising that marketers struggle to pin point where they should invest digital marketing dollars. We would like to change that!

With years of multi-industry/multi-channel/tool/technology expertise, we will consultatively work with you to define your marketing goals and align your investments to support your growth. For the first time you will be able to utilize digital media not only to connect with your prospects but also set up deeper engagements to drive your sales revenues.

There are several advantages to our approach

  • We only go after channels that align with your goals instead of spreading too far and thin.
  • MQLs/SQLs are of high quality because the channels are not "pushy".
  • Brand is protected because all outbound communication is controlled and pre-approved.
  • It's scalable. Supported by robust technologies.
  • It’s measurable. Measure the progress of your campaigns over time.

Marketing Automation





    • Basic

    • $300/month

    • Required Onboarding $500

      • Marketing automation
      • Data
      • Reporting
    • Contact
    • Pro

    • $1200/month

    • Required Onboarding $3000

      • Basic
      • +
      • Lead Scoring
      • Campaigns and workflow setup
      • Data hygiene
      • Analytics

      Guaranteed leads!
      *Complimentary digital marketing audit if you sign up for 6 months!

    • Contact
    • Enterprise

    • $3000/month

    • Required Onboarding $5000

      • Pro
      • +
      • Digital marketing audit
      • Multi-channel engagement
      • Content generation for campaigns
      • Social scoring
      • Market intelligence
      • Custom reporting
    • Contact
    • Custom

      • Other pricing plans available
      • Give us a call
    • Contact

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Our story

TailCurrent was founded in 2010 to build innovations in the area of B2B lead generation using digital marketing channels. The idea was not to build just another "marketing automation platform" because there are plenty of them, but to build a platform that arms the sales marketing teams with the tools necessary for digital brand management and true sales enablement.

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