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It is surprising that even today most of the B2B sales qualified leads are generated through the efforts of sales person and a calling team. This leaves the whole digital world standing on the sidelines, performing only a supporting role in helping the organization meet revenue numbers or the sales champion meet his sales targets. We change that!

With our unique lead generation engine digital marketing becomes a mainstream lead generation strategy that helps your sales team to meet their quarterly and yearly revenue targets. For the first time you will be able to utilize digital media not only to connect with the qualified prospect but also to engage them and set up meetings for your sales team.

There are several advantages to this approach

  • The leads are of high quality because the channels are not "pushy".
  • Brand is protected because all outbound communication is controlled and pre-approved.
  • It's scalable. You can serve leads to multiple sales champions from multiple regions.
  • It's reliable. You get a leading indicator on the number of leads that will be generated quarter on quarter.

Geographies we target

USA, Canada, UK, parts of Europe, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, North Africa, South Africa and parts of APAC.

Tailcurrent grows your business

Who do we serve?

Support founder/CEO with Product-Market fit, support Sales team with lead generation.
Software-as-a service companies
Support Enterprise Sales team with lead generation.
Mid-size firms
Support Sales head with qualified sales pipeline to meet quarterly/yearly numbers, open new geographies.
Large companies
Support multiple sales teams with independent qualified sales pipeline to meet their quarterly and yearly numbers. Augment existing inside sales teams in scaling up lead generation.

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Our story

TailCurrent was founded in 2010 to build innovations in the area of B2B lead generation using digital marketing channels. The idea was not to build just another "marketing automation platform" because there are plenty of them, but to build a platform that arms the inside sales team with the tools necessary to produce high quality sales ready leads. Giridhar liked the idea of using digital channels to engage B2B prospects simply because it seemed monetizable. He also liked the fact that scaling and automating this business would pose significant technical challenges that would keep him happy.

Management team

Vikas Saluguti

Chairman, Board of Directors

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